Expeed Software builds custom deep learning models for computer vision, such as image and video analysis.

Expeed Software’s Advanced Data Analytics division uses AI/ML to design and build solutions to help you gain insights from your data and make your business data driven. We build custom deep learning models for computer vision, such as image and video analysis.

We offer artificial intelligence for image detection and video to recognize humans, vehicles, objects and events for use in many practical applications. It can be used in object or action recognition, tracking, and classification of objects or the movement of objects.

Some of our areas of expertise include:

  • Image Classification: Understanding whether an image belongs to one category or another is a task that often involves hundreds of hours of labor. We have applied highly accurate automated image classification models in the healthcare and utility spaces.
  • Image Filtering: We have experience using an ensemble of models to filter streaming data, thereby assisting our clients with drastically reducing production costs for cloud-based machine learning services.
  • Object Detection: Automatically determining when a particular object of interest is in an image or video, or where in the image it is located, can be a vital task for your business process but is also a task which fatigues the human mind. We have applied a variety of techniques and neural network models to this task.
  • Optical Character Recognition/Handwriting Recognition: We use custom image processing and modern machine-learning methods to extract typed or hand-written messages from images, returning text that can be more easily processed and understood.
  • Face Detection and Facial Recognition: We have experience sifting through real-time imagery to determine when a face is present and evaluating when this face belongs to a defined category of people who ‘belong’ in the area being surveilled by cameras.
  • Video Analysis: We have expertise mining real-time video feeds to deliver insights that can help keep your business secure and up to date with the latest business intelligence.
  • Automated Feature Identification: We can help you process images for significant features, beyond simple objects, understanding which techniques are robust and reliable.

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